Snow Report

SOME GAINS!  Our “bit-more” of snow has held pretty good at the lower levels which helps quite a bit to get to much better snow higher up.  WE would hope for enough snow for the weekend and for sure for Sunday the 4th of March and all the folks who are plannin’ on a good ski race ’round the lake.  Sure thinkin’ a lot ’bout the kids ‘n families of the Candlelighters and hope their alternative activity will be good for ’em.  SOME ADDT’L. INFO from our member (Eric B.) who gave us some updates of last weekend…..  he too has adv. that the cat from the Diamond Lk. area had groomed the west side so the connect to Diamond Lk. should be OK ’cause they too got a bit-o-snow.  Reportedly they have ’bout 8″ or so near the Lodge.  YOU might want to check to see what’s what before ya head over that way…. or come our way.  Seems the forecastes are havin’ quite a time with all the “changes”.  CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT’S NEXT!  Ben S.